Guest Post: Kelli Crockett

The Drowning Gull

Hey Reader,

Writing is an art.

It can be a dream. Or a lesson.

It can be an outlet. A challenge.

Writing isn’t technical like many try to point out. All of the plots and themes and characters that go into the stories we write are just the tip of the iceberg. The sentence structure and rewriting and research is just everything that comes along with it. Writing isn’t about working for the reader or getting the longest word count. Writing is how we deal with the world. Writing is how we express ourselves and entertain others.

It’s how we escape the world.

With writing, we can go anywhere, do anything, and it feels like a dream.

I’m Kelli Crockett. I’m an author close to publishing my second story, and I tend to find myself blogging about writing in the early hours of the morning… When I first went…

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